Friday, December 17, 2010

Mockingjay By Suzanne Collins

Well, I finally finished Mockingjay. And I also finally finished weeping. Its over. All over. I am sad now. Write a Prequel Suzanne! Please, with a cherry on top? It was a perfect ending to a perfect series. Well, this book. I have, sadly, been reading it since it came out. Partly cause i have had like no time, and partly cause i wanted to make it last.

If you haven't read book one or two don't read further. Please, for your own health.

So, Katniss was rescued from the arena. And now she is leading the rebellion. And please read the book. I really can't think of any ways to describe what happens. It is just awsome. Plus I can't figure out how to link a book description for the life of me. If you know, please tell me in the comments.

The writing. The writing once again, flows smoothly and amazingly. Though i actually have to say i like the writing in The Hunger Games or Catching Fire better than Mockingjay. I con't know why. But still, 5/5

Cover: The cover for this one kind of turned away from the others. They were dark and they didn't actually show a living Mockingjay, but I think the Mockingjay on the Mockingjay cover was a very good choice for a change. I actually wasn't sure how I felt about the cover at first, but i have grown to love it. 5/5

Read this (lined off section) after the review it is supposed to be at the bottom but it won't let me copy and paste it there casue i accidentally typed it here! Angry face! RRRRR!!!!

So, anyways, it is all over. The sadness is overwhelming and I will unfortunetly have to move on. Sad face... ANyways, there are plety of other books you might like if you like the Hunger Games Trilogy. The Maze Runner By James Daschner and Unwind By Neil Shusterman. They are both fantastic books. Oh, and if you haven't read the first two books in this series, Catching Fire or The Hunger Games, make sure you go and buy them NOW!! They are so good! WHat are you doing still reading this! GO BUT THIS WONDERFUL SERIES YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, characters. I love them. They are all unique and awsome and each and every single death in this book makes you sad. (And no thats not a spoiler. Face it. Its the Hunger Games. Death is inevitable.) Though some characters may piss you off and make you angry and make you want to rip their faces off and feed them to mutts.... Oh, Hello there, didn't mean to spill my thoughts. Well, you still love them. I will forever love Katniss. Always. Call me. Just kidding. You aren't real. Silly me! And don't worry, I'm not insane. I just have issues with obsessing on books. You know, happens to the best of us. Kidding. I am not weird. Characters are 5/5

The story is, well, amazing. Again. Then again, what did you expect. These books are amazing. So, the story flows, and there are lots of new problems and the action was great. And i love the twists. 5/5

Hex Hall By Rachel Hawkins

So, a few weeks ago I requested this from my public library. And then it arrived. And then I read it. No just kidding. I didn't read it. I devoured it. I loved this book. I would literly put it in a dress and marry it, but i don't think thats legal. Anyways, this book is amazing. Rachel's writing style is amazing. I love the way she writes Sophie. Shes so witty and funny. I love her thoughts. Ok so anyways...

Hex Hall is about a girl named Sophie who is a witch. She makes a mistake and is sent to a school for witched, shapeshifters, and faeries (don't you just love how there are like 30 different spellings for faerie? faerie faery fairy faree, weel ok i made up that last one but still....) Well, she makes a vampire friend and three witchy enemies. Well, lets just say she also meets a guy she can't have. Very tragic. (Don't worry, I'll g out with you Sophie!) There are also A LOT of mysteries at this school. And soon Sophie finds out that someone kinda wants her... well... dead. Thats a problem.

So. The writing was fantastic. 5/5
The characters were awsome, ranging from witchy witches, evil unkown assassins (in a sense), lesbian vamps, you know, all the things you could want. And all the characters were awsome in thier own way, even if they are kind of, well, evil. 5/5
he setting was really cool. Think Hogwarts without the Hogwarts save the magic plus the other creatures. Okay so that was convoluted and its not like Harry Potter, so there goes that comparison. Plus I don't like comparing books to either a.) Harry Potter or b.) Twilight. Okay. Thanks. So yeah, the setting was at a school pretty much starting the second chapter. And it is really cool. Its on like a secluded island of the coast where no one will find it. But yeah, the school is really cool, and so are the grounds. 5/5
And the story. Awsome as i have said numerous times. I loved it. It was really entertaining. It drew you in and wouldn't let me stop reading. I read it in a few days, which, now being in high school, is pretty fast at this time. Well, it was amazing. 5/5
And finally, the cover. It is awsome. It has Sophie and maybe a Sophie looking hot in a green dress. But.... is that really Sophie. Gasp! You say? Weel, I'm not telling. Read it. You won't regret it. 5/5

So, overall, 25/25. Perfect. (I swear this book was like... flawless.) Oh, and guess what for those of you with an 'issue' with love triangles (those are so numerous nowadays aren't they?) well, guess what? There isn't one! Well, i don't think there was. Unless you count the end, but things... happen shall we say... so it doesn't count for me. And really, can someone create a love quadrangle one of these times, i mean, really? I think that could lead to some interseting things. (No, not in that way you weirdos!) Well, i digress.... Read this book!!!!!

Oh, and its sequel, Demonglass, comes out in February 2011! Yay! Demonglass! More heads will roll! Or will they? What am i talking about? Well, i can't tell you. Read Hex Hall and see what I'm talking about. Or what i'm saying i'm talking about but I'm really just making up, oh oh oh or.... well. (Stop it Kreag Stop. You are annoying your loyal readers.) Sorry, my inner voice was talking. Enjoy!